The Women & Gender Collaborative shares the University’s mission to improve the campus culture and climate around gender and make CSU the best place for women to work and learn.


To promote a campus culture and climate at Colorado State University that fosters productive and supportive relationships and interactions among people. Such an environment is one in which all people are welcomed, valued, and affirmed; where one is safe to embody one’s gender identity and gender expression; where all people are freed from inequities, limitations, and restrictions associated with culturally-defined gender roles; and in which all members of the campus community feel empowered and supported by the institution and University community in pursuing their professional and academic aspirations.

The Women & Gender Collaborative’s Charge

  • The Collaborative is charged by the University President to heighten the level of critical understanding and dialogue around women and gender-related issues that impact campus climate and culture, as well as inform the campus community about various efforts across the university and encourage engagement on behalf of all community members.
  • The Collaborative will serve as a campus resource by developing opportunities for increased education around and engagement with women and gender-related issues; facilitating dialogues; convening relevant stakeholders; promoting related programs, workshops, and events; building, supporting, and maintaining collaborative relationships on campus and in the local community; coordinating opportunities for professional and leadership development among women; and increasing the two-way communication between and among diverse constituencies, including the President, university administration, faculty, staff, students, and local community members.


  • The Collaborative will help inform and promote the work of various campus entities that focus on improving campus culture and climate for all faculty, staff, and students, including (but not limited to) the Office of the Vice President for Diversity; the President’s Commission on Women and Gender Equity; the Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty; the Women and Gender Advocacy Center; the Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research, and the Pride Resource Center.
  • The President will receive regular communication from the Collaborative about areas of progress, areas of concern, and recommendations and program ideas for how to continue to improve the campus culture and climate.
  • The Collaborative may identify, recommend, and assist in the development of high-impact initiatives and activities to the President and the Provost that may improve the campus culture and climate with respect to gender and its intersections with other identity categories (such as race, sexuality, and class).