Core Collaborators

The Women & Gender Collaborative convenes and facilitates collaborations among the Core Collaborators - seven campus groups that work on issues related to women and gender.


The Core Collaborators are distinct campus groups with different areas of emphasis and focus. They convene on a regular basis to discuss how to support and inform their respective efforts.

Collectively, the Core Collaborators offer policy recommendations, educational programming and workshops, academic programs of study, and student support services to embody Colorado State University's commitment to comprehensively respond to the needs of all faculty, staff, and students regarding gender-related issues.

The Women & Gender Collaborative

The Women & Gender Collaborative connects and promotes efforts which support the University’s mission to improve campus culture and climate around gender and make CSU the best place for women to work and learn.

The Women & Gender Collaborative is a presidential initiative that creates digital and physical spaces to heighten the level of education and critical engagement among the campus community regarding women and gender-related topics and issues.


  • Broadly focuses on interests of administration, faculty, staff, and students related to women and gender
  • Builds, supports, and informs collaborative efforts among diverse partners and programs
  • Provides resources and opportunities for increased education and engagement to improve campus culture and climate
  • Offers consultation for related program development across campus units
  • Projects include: The Women & Gender Collaborative Grant Program

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Office of the Vice President for Diversity

The Office of the Vice President for Diversity strives to foster an inclusive environment that promotes and nurtures diversity, broadly defined, at Colorado State University.

The Office of the Vice President for Diversity promotes an environment where faculty, staff, and students, are welcomed, valued, and affirmed by focusing on 1) recruitment and retention of faculty, staff, and students from historically excluded groups; 2) promoting a welcoming and inclusive campus climate; and 3) engaging in educational outreach and community building.


  • Broadly focuses on faculty, staff, and student concerns related to diversity (including gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, and familial status)

  • Offers support, outreach, education, training, and programs to promote inclusive excellence

  • Projects include: Diversity Symposium, Diversity Education and Training Programs, Principles of Community Statement

Visit the Office of the Vice President for Diversity’s website to learn more.

President’s Commission on Women & Gender Equity

The President’s Commission on Women & Gender Equity was established in 1997 by then President Al Yates to assist the University in designing strategies and promoting activities that enhance gender equity and address women’s issues.

The Commission has worked closely with the Presidents of Colorado State University throughout the decades and was issued an updated charge in May 2014 by President Tony Frank. This updated charge asks the Commission to identify areas of concern in gender equity and campus climate and provide specific recommendations to the President for areas that the University can improve.


  • Broadly focuses on and represents the interests of faculty, staff, and students

  • Offers policy and program recommendations to University administration

Visit the Commission’s website to learn more.

Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty

The Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty was appointed by President Frank in 2013 to function as a subcommittee of the President’s Commission on Women and Gender Equity.

The Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty explicitly focuses on issues impacting the work life, campus climate, and persistent barriers inhibiting the success of women faculty at Colorado State.


  • Focuses on and represents the interests of women faculty

  • Offers policy and program recommendations to University administration

Visit the Standing Committee’s website to learn more and find related resources.

Center for Women’s Studies & Gender Research

The Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research (CWSGR) at Colorado State University is an interdisciplinary apex of research, academic, and teaching program.

The Center for Women's Studies and Gender Research is devoted to examining the positions of women and the organization of gendered relations in culture and society from both intellectual and activist perspectives. CWSGR is housed within the Department of Ethnic Studies in the College of Liberal Arts.


  • Specifically focuses on academic affairs concerning Women’s Studies affiliate faculty and students (i.e., research, pedagogy, and programs of study)

  • Three-fold emphasis on teaching, research, and outreach to advance social justice

Visit the Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research website to learn more.

Women and Gender Advocacy Center

The Women and Gender Advocacy Center (WGAC) provides programs, education, and resources focusing on all genders, social justice, and interpersonal violence prevention.

In addition to offering programming and educational opportunities, the Women and Gender Advocacy Center provides confidential advocacy and support for victims of sexual violence, stalking, sexual harassment, and relationship violence.


  • Focuses on student programs and services, including education and advocacy

  • Programs include: Victim Assistance Team, Women’s Conference, Men in the Movement, Red Whistle Brigade

Visit the Women and Gender Advocacy Center’s website for resources and information.

Pride Resource Center

The Pride Resource Center seeks to foster a campus free of prejudice, bigotry, harassment, and violence by providing a space for all members of CSU communities to explore and increase their understanding of aspects related to sexual orientation, gender identity and expression in an open and non-judgmental environment.

The Pride Resource Center provides resources and support for all CSU community members to explore and increase their understanding of sexual/romantic orientation, gender, and identity intersection. Its vision is to create inclusive and respectful environments and experiences at Colorado State University. This is done through individual support, group activities, partnership collaborations, and community education. 


  • Focuses on programs and services for students, staff, and faculty, including outreach and advocacy

  • Programs include: Safe Zone training, Visible Voices, Queer Conversations, Pride Resource Center Student Leadership Retreat, and Lavender Graduation

Visit the Pride Resource Center website to learn more.