The Pride Resource Center seeks to foster a campus free of prejudice, bigotry, harassment, and violence by providing a space for all members of CSU communities to explore and increase their understanding of aspects related to sexual orientation, gender identity and expression in an open and non-judgmental environment.

The Pride Resource Center provides resources and support for all CSU community members to explore and increase their understanding of sexual/romantic orientation, gender, and identity intersection. Its vision is to create inclusive and respectful environments and experiences at Colorado State University. This is done through individual support, group activities, partnership collaborations, and community education. 

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  • Focuses on programs and services for students, staff, and faculty, including outreach and advocacy

  • Programs include: Safe Zone training, Visible Voices, Queer Conversations, Pride Resource Center Student Leadership Retreat, and Lavender Graduation

  • Visit the Pride Resource Center website to learn more.