In 2017, CSU joined with Jessica Bennett, author of Feminist Fight Club, to establish the Feminist Fight Club at CSU – an initiative to integrate research and strategies from the book into campus life through ongoing meetings, workshops, and campus engagement. 

Timeline: Feminist Fight Club at CSU 

Fall 2016 – Introduce book to campus at Women Reading @ CSU Book Club meeting. Host general interest meeting among staff.

Spring 2017 – Begin holding monthly meetings on topics like negotiations, evaluations, and how to speak up to support others. The book, Feminist Fight Club, is adopted as primary resource for Man: Educate Yourself program.

Fall 2017 – Official launch of FFC @ CSU during Diversity Symposium, featuring fireside chat with Jessica Bennett, including meetings with Cabinet and Deans. Continue monthly meetings, special workshop sessions, and development of additional resources, including the Intersectionality & Inclusivity Supplemental Reading Guide.

Spring 2018 – Development of Fight Move Tip Sheets and Toolkit for campus units. Campus leaders begin introducing FFC into their own units. The Office of Financial Aid was the first to incorporate FFC as a unit-wide effort.  

Fall 2018 – Expansion of FFC @ CSU to include FFC Community and FFC for Men. Build out of internal structure to provide substantial leadership and professional development opportunities for FFC @ CSU members to support FFC @ CSU operations. 

Spring 2018 – Launch the Systems-based  Leadership Developemnt Through Service (SLDS) model and incorporate culture of FFC @ CSU strategies and expectations of support into all Women & Gender Collaborative Committees


Read the SOURCE story, “Feminist Fight Club to Launch at CSU,” for more on this collaboration with Feminist Fight Club.