Introducing Feminist Frameworks is a two-course online badge program that provides a functional framework for advancing critical understandings of feminism, intersectionality, gender, and systems of oppression.

In an effort to provide opportunities for continued education, as well as personal and professional development, these courses offer students an in-depth examination of gender and gender-related topics. This series is ideal for those seeking to advance their learning beyond that which can typically be covered through introductory trainings and workshops on gender, diversity, and inclusion.

Students will engage with feminist theory and scholarship by women about social identities, power, privilege, and injustice to develop a more robust understanding of foundational concepts and practices for personal, political, and social change. 

A limited number of eligible CSU employees may also register for these non-credit courses with discounted tuition thanks to a sponsorship from the Women & Gender Collaborative and Commitment to Campus, in collaboration with CSU Online.


  • Courses are self-paced and contain 5-7 modules (1-2 hrs/module)
  • Modules typically consist in a reading, video lecture, and multiple choice quiz
  • Students may enroll in one or both courses and have 3 months per course to complete the curriculum


  • Full-time CSU employees may be eligible for a 50% discount on tuition, reducing the cost to $37.50 for an individual course, or $63.50 when registering for both
  • CSU employees should register for 200 sections to apply discount code


BSBB 4001: Introduction to Identity Basics

This course provides a conceptual overview of key concepts that are crucial for further understanding social identities, power dynamics, and gender-based oppression. Students will be introduced to theoretical frameworks related to oppression, sex and gender, intersectionality, privilege, and how social identities inform what we know.

Students will learn how to:

  • Identify common terms and language used to describe identity and power dynamics
  • Recognize how differences in social identities relate to differences in lived experiences
  • Relate concepts and theories to complex social and political systems

BSBB 4002: Women Supporting Women 

This course introduces key themes related to how and why women often fail to effectively support other women, and offers strategies and insights for supporting women across multiple identities. Topics explored include challenges that may arise when working across differences, especially related to engaging in dialogue across differences, failing to center the experiences of women of color, and how internalized oppression undermines solidarity among women.

 Students will learn how to:

  • Identify common failures that prevent women from effectively supporting other women.
  • Recognize how privilege, power, and internalized oppression hinder connections and solidarity among women.
  • Relate skills, strategies, and concepts within feminist theory to practices for how to support other women.


If you’ve enrolled in the Introducing Feminist Frameworks online courses – or are considering enrolling and want a taste for the content – take advantage of the opportunity to more deeply engage with some of the material through small group discussions, led by Dr. Cori Wong. Bring your lunch and questions you’re reflecting on to continue learning in person and with others!

  • Discussion on Intersectionality | Wednesday, 9/18, 11:30am-12:30pm – Library Event Hall | Register here. 
  • Discussion on Who You Are and What We Know | Monday, 10/21, 11:30am-12:30pm – LSC 308 | Register here. 
  • Discussion on Unpacking Privilege | Wednesday, 11/13, 11:30am-12:30pm – LSC 322 | Register here. 

These discussion sessions are available to the public, including all CSU faculty, staff, and students.