This series highlights experiences and stories of remarkable women leaders at Colorado State University. The goal of this program is to provide insight on institutional systems and foundations of leadership for members of our campus community. Each session will feature a panel of guests and focus on a specific theme. 

Spring 2018  

Series Topics: Leadership lessons learned from attending HERS Institutes; understanding how money flows through the University;
and navigating systems as an outsider within.

Women’s Leadership Series Spring 2018 Part I: Sharing Leadership Insights from HERS Institutes

Each year, CSU sponsors one or two women employees to attend a HERS Institute to enhance their leadership skills and support their careers in higher education. Participants consistently note the rich insights and transformative experiences gained while attending a HERS Institute. This session provides an opportunity for HERS alumnae to share their experiences with attendees by describing significant lessons learned and how important insights have been applied to their work and leadership at CSU.

Panelists: Kelly Long, Dr. Shannon Archibeque-Engle, Dr. Laura Jensen, Gaye DiGregorio


Women’s Leadership Series Spring 2018 Part II: Understanding University Budgets and Funding

It can be difficult to make things happen if you don’t have a budget. This session offers foundational information for understanding budgets and funding from the perspectives of three women leaders within the University. The program will highlight basics about university budget processes, decision-making strategies for allocating funds within a college, and appropriate practices for pursuing gifts from potential donors.

Panelists: Lynn Johnson, Dr. Jan Nerger, Kim Tobin

Read through the slides for the Women’s Leadership Series Part II here!

Women’s Leadership Series Part III: Navigating Systems as an Outsider Within

Institutions are built around systems, but for many people, those systems were not initially designed with their involvement or success in mind. This session will start with a brief introduction to systems within institutions of higher education. The program will feature women of color in executive leadership positions at CSU who will share personal stories of navigating these systems throughout their careers as outsiders within.

Panelists: Mary Ontiveros, Dr. Blanche Hughes, Diana Prieto, Dr. Sandra Quackenbush

Guest Speaker: Dr. Kathy Sisneros

Women’s Leadership Series Part IV: Professional, Leader, and Student: Tips for Success from People Who’ve Lived It

Hear from individuals in our community about how they have successfully navigated conversations and balanced competing priorities (leadership roles and real life), to earn their degrees while leveraging what CSU has to offer, including the employee tuition benefits.

Panelists Brit Heiring, Jimena Sagas, and Meg Skeehan