Mariaelena Huambachano

March 29: Diversity and Inclusion in Conservation: Indigenous Ecological Philosophies, Food Sovereignty and Justice

Mariaelena Huambachano, an American Studies and Ethnic Studies professor at Brown University will present, Indigenous Ecological Philosophies, Food Sovereignty and Justice at Colorado State University.

Indigenous ecological philosophies have inspired social and environmentalist movements to promote systems that go beyond policies of food and agricultural development. In response, Mariaelena has developed an innovative Indigenous research framework referred to as the “Khipu Model” that explores food security, food sovereignty and the relationships between them through an Indigenous lens. These case study demonstrates how Māori and Quechua peoples’ resistance and resilience to food security stems from their good living principles, such as cultural identity, revitalization of small-scale farmers and sustainability.

Indigenous Ecological Philosophies, Food Sovereignty and Justice
Thursday, March 29th
Presentation: 11am
Wagar 132


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