Founded in 2016, the ACT Human Rights Film Festival at CSU encourages audiences to Awaken to human rights stories from around the world, Connect with the people involved with the films, and Transform the world by taking actions that make a difference. Many of the films specifically highlight the lives of women and girls.

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The Avenir Museum of Design & Merchandising‘s mission is the exploration of the aesthetic, social, cultural, and physical significance of textiles, dress, and interior furnishings. Regularly rotating exhibitions in the museum’s galleries frequently present the work of women makers, objects used by women, and/or items preserved by women.

The purpose of the Campus Recreation Gender Culture Work Team is to actively identify and address problematic behaviors, policies, systems, and social norms that negatively impact women, non-binary, and additional gender-marginalized groups in campus recreation facilities and programs.

CPAM’s program on Gender and Protected Areas is taking a multi-pronged proactive approach to address gender inequality in conservation. Key areas of emphasis within the program include: high-level partnerships with institutions that are responsible for national protected area systems; annual seminars on women’s leadership in protected areas, bidodiversity conservation, and climate change; regional training courses on protected area management for women rangers; and research on gender and conservation. By addressing gender at the institutional and individual levels, CPAM aims to affect multi-level change in policies, practices, and people, creating an environment where women conservation professionals stand on equal ground and thrive.

The Center For Women’s Studies & Gender Research is committed to investigating the intersections of class, race, ethnicity, sexual identities, queer identities, non-heteronormative identities, age, ability, citizenship, empire, nation, and national origin along the social structures and power continuums of difference, power, and privilege.  We examine the positions of women and the organization of gendered relations in culture and society from both intellectual and activist perspectives.

The College Of Agricultural Sciences Women In Science focuses on increasing the number of College of Agricultural Sciences women faculty in leadership roles at CSU. Current priorities are creating a program that includes leadership training, networking opportunities and builds a strong cohort of early/mid-career women faculty and staff. 

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The Commission on Women and Gender Equity is charged by the University President to identify gender equity concerns and other issues impacting the campus climate for women and forward concerns and other issues impacting the campus climate for women and forward concerns, recommendations, and program ideas to the University administration through annual meetings with the President and consistent connection and routine communication with the Vice President for Diversity.

The CSU Gender Summit Planning Committee Develops strategy, goals, collaborations, and resources to put on the annual CSU Gender Summit, which aims to recognize, connect, and inform all gender-related efforts across campus through recognitions, summit showcase, critical dialogues, plenary sessions, and programs to foster healing and support.

Juggling work and family is a complicated task. This informal group provides a safe, non-judgmental network of support for working mothers at CSU and all the complicated decisions that come with it.  We hold monthly meetings to allow working mothers to discuss joys, concerns, fears, and worries about motherhood, child-rearing, breast-feeding, professional development, and any other topic brought before the group. For more information, contact Haley Richards at Haley.Richards@ColoState.EDU

The CSU Women’s Association is a University affiliated organization that provides scholarships to students, brings people together through interest groups and community service, and hosts special events. Membership is open to faculty, staff, and community members.

CSU Writes exists to help CSU faculty and graduate students develop healthy and productive writing habits to further their research. The philosophy supporting this program is rooted in the ways women’s collective projects can bring out the best in the group’s individual participants, but CSU Writes is inclusive to people of all genders. 

The purpose of the Dependent Care Committee to research and draft recommendations to improve University policies and practices that support those with dependent care responsibilities.  The mission is for all staff and faculty with dependent care responsibilities to feel valued, supported, and capable of being successful in their professional roles. Recommendations will be made based on primary research of our campus community and best practices from other universities, organizations and communities. Recommendations are made to the President’s Commission for Women and Gender Equity and/or the President’s Commission for Diversity and Inclusion.

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The Women of Color Network seeks to empower and support its women of color and allied members while also providing education to the CSU community. All students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to get involved with the network. Staff and faculty can also attend the Women of Color Annual Summit and Women of Color Luncheons to network, build relationships, and benefit from professional development programs that are specifically geared toward women of color.

The Women of Color Network is supported by the Office of the Vice President for Diversity and the Women & Gender Collaborative.

This series is designed for emerging women leaders, early career and mid-level, and is sponsored by the Office of Training and Organizational Development. All CSU faculty and staff are welcome to attend at no charge. The webinars feature guest speakers from industry and discussion facilitators from CSU who share their top career and leadership tips for success.

Registration for the webinar series is required.

The Graduate School is proud to offer a series of professional development opportunities for graduate students. This program creates opportunities for international and domestic women graduate students at CSU to meet and peer-mentor one another. Programs are facilitated by Amanda West and cover topics such as: Resources for Academic Support, Time Management Strategies in Graduate School, Navigating Faculty Relationships, and Methods to Enhance Professional Writing and Presentation Skills.

Visit the Graduate School website for other resources and events that may be added throughout the semester.

A social and support group for graduate students. Designed as a community for queer- and trans-identifying graduate students.

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Construction Managers take the designer’s vision and make it a reality. With one of the highest job placement rates and starting salaries of any major, a degree in Construction Management is a great choice for young women who enjoy teamwork, solving tangible problems, critical thinking, and creating the world around them.

In this institute, young women will develop confidence in their abilities and gain an understanding of their opportunities in construction management and related fields through field trips, classroom sessions, and hands-on activities.

The Summer 2019 camp will be held June 4th though 8th. Applications will be available beginning February 1st.  

Visit Women in Construction Management Summer Institute’s website for more information, or email

The mission of Women In Natural Sciences (WINS) is to promote women in CSU’s College of Natural Sciences through networking, mentoring, and educational opportunities. Our vision is an improved and supportive workplace for all faculty in scientific disciplines that recruits and retains women faculty and educates the next generation of scientists and scholars.

WINS also seeks to increase the visibility and education of our diverse scientific community through lectures, networking events, travel awards, and small research grants. These grants are made possible through generous donations. To support this program, click here, and select the Women in Natural Sciences Program from the dropdown menu.

For more information on the WINS program contact: co-chairs Lisa Dysleski ( or Jennifer Hoeting (

PROGRESS, or Promoting Geoscience Research, Education and Success, is a program designed to mentor and connect undergraduate women in the STEM fields. Though it is oriented toward earth and environmental sciences, all science, technology, engineering and math majors are welcome.

For more information, please contact Emily Fischer

International Initiatives promotes intercultural understanding and creates opportunities for international engagement throughout the entire CSU community. As part of this effort, we organize a diverse array of programs that address global issues and promote multi-cultural awareness. Our goal is to help CSU students understand our changing world, and give student the tools needed to make a positive impact on the global challenges we face.

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Mondays First is the “first” in a series of CSU Writes events sponsored by the Women & Gender Collaborative for 2018-19. The title, “Mondays First,” refers both to the gathering time and to a method for faculty & postdoc writers to prioritize writing to build and enhance their careers in academe. Each Monday gathering opens with a gender-aware discussion session about writing, academic life, and strategies for supporting each other. This short discussion is then followed by an 90-minute writing session in which participants write “on their own” yet together in a positive and communal space. (Coffee and tea provided)

Each year a small group of faculty members are invited to participate in the Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research’s Project on Teaching, Curriculum and Scholarship from a list of those self-nominated or recommended by prior participants or department chairs.

Participating faculty meet throughout the academic year with the designated Project Coordinator(s) to explore new approaches in the design/redesign of a course of their choice that they will teach in a subsequent semester. Together they engage in activities that include the discovery of content about women in the various disciplines, the acquisition of scholarly work by women that is appropriate for inclusion in the course, and the introduction of and dialogue about pedagogical practices that serve to create a more inclusive classroom with the full participation and inquiry by all students. Participants are also supported in exploring new research questions and methodologies, and identifying new avenues for funding, publication and recurrent professional involvement related to their areas of interest. Participants are awarded a stipend to purchase materials that support their work.

If you are interested in learning more about the Women’s Studies Project on Teaching, Curriculum and Scholarship or participating in future related events, call the Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research at 491-2882.

The Feminist Fight Club at Colorado State University provides an inclusive space for community, growth, learning, and support for all members. We seek to develop our skills in identifying and addressing problematic behaviors that disadvantage women and other marginalized groups in the workplace by building upon the research and strategies presented in the book, Feminist Fight Club. We also focus on holding ourselves accountable to one another as we model and practice behaviors that foster a campus culture and climate that supports the success of all students and employees. To this end, we commit to support one another through honest reflection, courageous dialogue, and collective action.

Read the SOURCE story for more on this collaboration with Feminist Fight Club. 

For more information or to join, contact Cori Wong at

Women & Philanthropy celebrates and elevates women’s philanthropy by inspiring and engaging a diverse group of women to create positive impacts at Colorado State University and beyond. It was designed as University Advancement’s response to President Tony Frank’s charge to make CSU the best place for women to work and learn. Philanthropy is a vital to the overall success of supporting this charge and the University’s land-grant mission.

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The Women in Science Network is inviting you to hear from leaders in academia, industry, policy, NGOs and more… as they share their path to success as Women of Innovation. Each 2-hour lecture of the series is complimentary and includes networking, appetizers, and creative speakers from local, regional and national platforms.

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The Women in Science Career Issues group began as a small contingent of individuals having discussions relating to gender bias in science careers, and within 6 months grew to a core team of a dozen members.  The group meets monthly for 1-1.5 hours at an off campus site to discuss career development issues relating to gender communications. The overall goal of this group is to encourage an open exchange of ideas and information among men and women in scientific academic careers to promote career advancement and engage in active problem-solving. The group provides an honest and supportive environment that fosters an atmosphere of confidentiality and trust.

Participation by both men and women, and by persons of a wide range of career stages, (graduate students, assistant professors, associate professors and full professors, special and tenure tract appointments ranging from early career to senior faculty members) has afforded a diversity of ideas and perspectives during wide-ranging discussions. Topics have included published literature and life experience, communication hurdles, multi-generational workplaces, gender bias in the workplace and at scientific conferences, and differences in gender roles in the workplace. Tangible outcomes from these conversations have included: (1) helping to initiate one of the Ripple Effect-funded discussion groups; (2) advising individuals during negotiation and career decision-making processes; and, (3) encouragement to forge new collaborations.

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