The Red Whistle Brigade is supported by the Women and Gender Advocacy Center (WGAC). The Brigade consists of a group of students whose primary responsibilities include educating CSU faculty, staff, and students on such topics as gender socialization, gender-based violence, healthy relationships, and more.

In order to join the Brigade, students must complete WS 397- Intro to Gender-Based Violence in a U.S. Context. This 3-credit class is offered each spring and open to any CSU student, regardless of major.

The Red Whistle Brigade utilizes peer education in several formats, such as flash mobs, traditional facilitation, plaza days, and more. Their goal is to interrupt gender-based oppression on the CSU campus and promote a healthy learning environment for individuals of all gender expressions and identifications. Learn more about the WGAC here.


Men in the Movement is a group based out of the Women and Gender Advocacy Center (WGAC) that deconstructs restrictive notions of masculinity and challenges societal notions of what it means to “be a man.” Men in the Movement serves as a safe space for men to begin the process of reconstructing gender and masculinity. This includes full self-expression and strong relationships between men, as well as between men and women, thus allowing men to challenge violence in all its forms, particularly gender-based violence.

Men in the Movement consists in CSU undergraduate men who meet on campus once a week to discuss various topics that relate to masculinity, gender socialization, interpersonal violence prevention, healthy relationships, and gender and sexual politics. Every three weeks these sessions are open to any who would like to expand their awareness on the chosen topic.

Click here to learn more about Men in the Movement or to become involved in this important initiative! Please contact Carl Olsen at with questions.


The Victim Assistance Team, supported by the Women and Gender Advocacy Center (WGAC), consists of trained advocates who confidentially assist survivors of sexual assault, relationship/dating violence, and stalking experienced either on or off campus. VAT also serves the secondary support persons of survivors.

VAT Volunteers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide emotional support and information to primary and secondary survivors.

Advocates are specially trained to assist victims of all genders to cope with the emotional, physical, psychological, and legal aftermath of interpersonal violence. Survivors remain in charge of their own decision-making process.VAT Volunteers consist of faculty, staff, and students who have gone through extensive advocacy training and understand the effects of interpersonal violence and confidentiality.

Visit the website to learn more or download an advocate volunteer application.Please contact Casey Malsam at (970) 491-6384 or at with questions.


The Campus Feminist Alliance (CFA) is advised by the Women and Gender Advocacy Center (WGAC) and exists to further human rights activism in the community. The CFA meets weekly to discuss feminist ideologies and issues, and pursues all endeavors through a feminist lens.

The CFA’s main event is the annual Take Back the Night, the goal of which is to raise awareness of issues surrounding sexual violence. Take Back the Night begins with a speak-out where sexual assault survivors break the silence around interpersonal violence and share their stories. The speak-out is followed by a march to Downtown Fort Collins and a rally featuring a keynote speaker.

Click here to learn more or join the organization. Please call (970) 491-6384 with questions.


The Black Women’s Summit embodies African American women in higher education and provides resources for their development, such as workshops and discussions centered around health, sexuality, relationships, time management, professionalism, and self-love that help African American women understand the roles they play in sisterhood.  The summit occurs twice a year, fall and spring semester.

Contact the Black/African American Cultural Center at 970-219-8550 or visit the B/AACC office website for more information.


Students United for Reproductive Justice (SURJ) of Colorado State University is advised by the Women and Gender Advocacy Center (WGAC). Members of this organization believe in the right for all human beings to manage their own fertility and reproductive health. They also advocate for open access to reproductive health care, as well as sexual health programs that accurately enhance understanding of human sexuality and reproduction.

The main purpose of Students United for Reproductive Justice is to educate the University community about reproductive health and rights, to translate increased awareness into pro-choice activism on campus, and to serve as a coalition partner to state, national, and international reproductive rights efforts.

Visit their website for more information or to join the organization. Please contact Katie Beth Kaylor at with questions.


An important part of healing and activism for survivors of interpersonal abuse (sexual assault, child sexual abuse, relationship violence, stalking and sexual harassment, etc.) is to tell their story to others, which is why the Women and Gender Advocacy Center (WGAC) offers a Survivor Speakers Bureau. The Bureau exists for primary and secondary survivors (support persons of survivors) to share their stories in a empathetic and supportive atmosphere.

Survivors must complete a two-hour orientation before they speak for classes, programs, and conferences arranged by the WGAC.

Many speaking opportunities are for panels where several survivors tell their stories together.If you are interested in attending the next training or scheduling a Survivor Speaker Bureau presentation for your organization, please contact Kathryn Woods at (970) 491-3684 or by email at


BAPPQ (Bi, Ace, Aro, Pan, Poly, Queer and Questioning) is a student organization that aims to provide education surrounding middle sexualities, support, and community to all individuals that hold these identities; while also affirming and honoring the intersecting and simultaneous identities that individuals hold. BAPPQ also seeks to provide education surrounding these identities for allies in and of the community.

Meeting Time/Location: Wednesdays from 5 – 6:30pm, LSC 390



SheJumps CSU is modeled after the national SheJumps organization, created by elite athlete Lynsey Dyer, which seeks to increase the participation of girls and women in outdoor activities. SheJumps CSU allows women to participate in activities – kayaking, snowshoeing, skiing, rock climbing, and more – all in a positive and supportive environment.

The organization offers three levels of difficulty- JumpIn for first time participants, JumpUp for active athletes, and JumpOut for elite athletes.


Rambition is a program in Athletics to help foster the overall personal, professional and leadership development of Colorado State University’s women student-athletes. Rambition strives to enhance the experience women student-athletes have as both students and athletes while cultivating a network amongst each other and with other women in the community.


QWEEN is a celebratory group that supports queer-identifying women at CSU and provides an encouraging and safe environment to discuss different topics, such as sex education and awareness. QWEEN also serves to foster relationships and acceptance between queer-identifying women.

Visit QWEEN’s website for more information or to join the organization!


Undergraduate Women in Economics is a student group that creates opportunities for all students in Economics to connect with and empower one another to take a stand against the gender imbalance within the major through mentorship, seminars, discussions, field trips, workshops, and presentations. The club is focused on recognizing and actively combating the gender gap within the undergraduate major and profession of economics. The club has had members attend the first two national conferences and held the second at CSU. Read more about UWE on SOURCE and watch this video from the 2nd Annual UWE Conference at CSU in 2017.

If you are interested in the club, email for more information on meeting times and events.


The Student Feminist Fight Club at CSU is a student-led off-shoot of the Feminist Fight Club at CSU. Our purpose is to collaborate with and support undergraduate students by addressing social issues in our education and classroom experiences. Together, our network of support will define the structures, actions, and ideas that bar us from an inclusive and equitable education; and empower us to fight for our right to thrive at our university.

For more information and to join, email Jovan Lovato at


The Applied Computing Machinery and Women (ACM-W) club at Colorado State University advocates for women in the field of STEM and helps to create connections within each field to push female students forward as they progress into the work force or graduate school.


The Women and Gender Advocacy Center (WGAC) offers a weekly support group for survivors of interpersonal violence, including sexual assault, stalking, adult survivors of child sexual abuse, and/or relationship violence. Space is held for those who seek to share their stories and find community every Friday at 3:30 pm.

For more information contact the WGAC at (970) 491-6384 or visit their website.


The Pride Resource Center hosts a Coming Out Group – Sexuality (COGS). COGS was founded in Spring, 2008. The group lasts for 10 weeks and offers participants safe opportunities to develop deeper self-awareness about themselves and LGBTQ communities. Topics include coming out, families, healthy relationships, wellness, religion and spirituality, and much more. Participants have ranged from not being out at all to being out to particular groups of people. Please contact the Pride Resource Center at (970) 491-4342 for more information.


Visible Voices is a popular educational program adapted and coordinated by the Pride Resource Center at CSU. The goals of this program are to educate the CSU community on what it is like to be LGBTQQI identifying, as well as dispel myths and stereotypes surrounding members of this community.

Visible Voices involves a panel of 2-4 LGBTQQI identifying volunteers who speak at various events, including classes, residence halls, churches, etc. Panel presentations include five segments: personal introductions, introduction to the Pride Resource Center, coming out stories, Q & A, and evaluations. The panel also invites audiences to write questions on blank index cards to provide a more comfortable and educational atmosphere.

If you would like a Visible Voices Panel to speak at your event or organization, want to become a panel member, or just want to learn more about this program, click here.


African American Women Dedicated to Excellence is a mentoring group for first-year African American women, working towards the long-term improvement and development of themselves, their backgrounds, and their communities. Different perspectives and backgrounds are not only welcomed, but cherished within the group dynamic and will contribute to the group’s knowledge of a large variety of different cultures and backgrounds. Some laughing is guaranteed, and maybe even some crying will be involved, but whatever the circumstance, we will truly enter as strangers, and leave with a bond of lifelong sisterhood. The program meets once a week during students’ first semester of college.

Registration is open the summer before the academic year. Contact the Black/African American Cultural Center at 970-491-5781 or their website for more information.


COLORS is a student organization focused on creating an open and engaging space for members of the LGBTQ+ community who identify as people of color. Weekly meetings are open to everyone, including allies but are geared towards insuring queer people of color have a voice and community on a predominantly white campus. We meet every Thursday 4:30-5:30 pm, with a shifting room schedule. Anyone questions or interest in joining the club can be directed to


This chapter organizes around promoting and empowering women in the field of computing. It operates specifically for educational and scientific purposes with a four-fold mission to increase knowledge of, and greater interest in, the contributions of women in the science, design, development, construction, languages, management, and applications of modern computing.

Visit the website for more information or to join the organization.


United Women of Color is an organization affiliated with CSU’s Black/African American Cultural Center (B/AACC) and is designed to unite underrepresented female-identified individuals on and off campus through positive service, programming, and fellowship.

Find more information about or join United Women of Color here.


The Native American Women’s Circle was created to enhance social, group, individual, and cultural support for the women of the Native American Cultural Center (NACC). The education and cultural support programs are designed to reflect the importance of Native culture while encompassing the role of being a woman. The group invites guest speakers, takes field trips, and shares materials about traditions, cultural practices, and current women’s issues.

Visit the Native American Cultural Center website for more information.


Aspire 2 Grow is an annual leadership event dedicated to promoting the education, cultivation, and empowerment of young women in the agricultural industry. Founded in partnership by the Colorado chapter of the Agrium Women’s Inclusion Network (WIN) and the Colorado FFA Foundation, Aspire 2 Grow aims to plant the seeds for our next generation of young leaders. This event will open a window of opportunity for women to empower other aspiring women, to cultivate their potential, and grow the future of women’s leadership in agriculture.

Our Networking event is aimed at providing college-aged women, interested in agriculture, the opportunity to speak with local professionals. For more information, contact the Department of Agriculture & Resource Economics at (970) 491-6325. 


Discussion based group based on building community, understanding and supporting one another in our identities. Designed for people who hold trans identities or who are questioning their gender identity.

Meeting Time/Location: Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm, LSC 232



Geared towards serving lgbt+ students who are serving in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics but also open to all majors. Focus on networking and building skill for success in science fields while holding a queer identity.

Meeting Time/Location: Thursdays from 5:00-6:00pm, room changes weekly



Prism’s purpose is to educate its members, other CSU students and community members about issues pertaining to the LGBTQ+ community and its allies through healthy support and challenge while raising awareness and decreasing discrimination in a safe, supportive, accepting, and brave environment. We also put on the drag show every semester as a celebration of gender identity and expression as well as an educational opportunity for the audience.

Meeting Time/Location: Thursdays at 6pm, LSC 226-228



The Coming Out Group is a place to meet and gain support while discussing your sexual and/or gender identities in a confidential setting. This group is for folks who are coming out, considering coming out or may already be out. 

Contact: Jessie Charbonneau at (970)491-3901 or


Golden Z is a branch of the international organization, Zonta, which seeks to empower women through service and advocacy. Contact Maia Zoller for more information.