Programs and Events

All For Alumni and Friends For Faculty/Staff For Students Volunteer/Community Engagement Workshop/Training Community Building Special Event Lecture/Colloquium Professional Development Recurring Group Meeting Informational Session Arts and Culture Forums/Dialogues Conference/Institute
A group of people hold a sign that says "Fight for HER!" and they are smiling

August 11: Health, Empowerment, & Rights Activist Summit: Colorado

July 14: NoCo Pride Volunteers

The Womens Foundation of Colorado logo

July 20: Northern Colorado Advocacy Day

Rising Strong Logo

June 29-July 1: Rising Strong – Weekend Retreat for Women

Rainbow colored text that reads "say it loud say it proud denver pride fest 2018"

June 16-June 17: CSU Pride Resource Center at Denver PrideFest

dr.becky martinez

June 6th: Women of Color Summit 2018

The Feminist Fight Club book

May 21: Feminist Fight Club for CSU Employees Meeting

An illustration of brightly colored hands reaching towards the sky

May 22-May 23: 2018 Social Justice Leadership Institute

Logo for Women Reading at CSU

May 11: Women Reading @ CSU: Born Bright

A hand holding a pen

May 7: Mondays First – Women Faculty Writing Session

Hands typing on a laptop on a table with office supplies

May 1: Emerging Women Leaders Webinar Series – 5 Ways to Transform from a Manager to a Leader

Kodi Phelps, smiling

April 26: Spring Diversity Workshop Series – Holding Tension Between Shame and Pride: Fat Identity Development Theory

Collaborative Conversations logo

April 24: Collaborative Conversation III: Practices of Faith and Belief for Gender Equity at CSU

The Feminist Fight Club book

April 23: Feminist Fight Club for CSU Employees Meeting

Take Back the Night logo

April 26: Sexual Assault Awareness Night: Take Back the Night

Glasses filled with Chai Tea

April 23: Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Chai to Understand

Red Whistle Brigade logo

April 23: Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Zine Release Party

Two people in a laboratory wearing white coats and working together

April 19: Women in Science Symposium

A pink heart with the words self love

April 18: Sexual Assault Awareness Month: #MeToo and Radical Self Love

Collaborative Conversations logo

April 10: Collaborative Conversation II: Practices of Faith and Belief for Gender Equity at CSU

A person sitting down in a forested area looking up at the sky

April 17: Women and the Environment: Opportunities & Impact

Hand drawn dollar notes with a womans profile on them

April 10: Webinar: Salary Negotiation for Women

Mission innovation logo

April 14-15: MISSion Innovation

A tree with yellow leaves in front of a mountain view

April 6: Women’s Leadership Series Part III: Navigating Systems as an Outsider Within

A group of people sitting in chairs and looking towards the front of the room

April 5: Secondary Survivors Workshop

Logo for Women Reading at CSU

April 5: Women Reading @ CSU Book Club: Men Explain Things to Me

expanding your horizons logo

April 14: Expanding Your Horizons NOCO


April 12: Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Alternative Break Digital Shorts and Panel

Hands typing on a laptop on a table with office supplies

April 3: Emerging Women Leaders Webinar Series – Speak Up and Lead

A group of hands raised below text that reads "me too"

April 9: Sexual Assault Awareness Month: #MeToo and Men

A hand holding a pen

April 2: Mondays First – Women Faculty Writing Session

A blooming flower

March 31: Feminist Thought & Activism Conference

An open notebook with a drawing of a camera and text

April 4: Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Survivor Photovoice Project

Silhouettes of two adults and three children, all holding hands

March 27: Spring Diversity Workshop Series – Parenting with Social Justice in Mind

The Feminist Fight Club book

March 26: Feminist Fight Club for CSU Employees Meeting

An empty classroom

April 24: Practicing Racial Justice Research: “Prejudices, Procedures, and Policies that Bar African American Males from the Teaching Profession”

A table set for six with placemats, silverware, cups and dishes

March 23: Spring 2018 CSU Women of Color Community Luncheon

Mariaelena Huambachano

March 29: Diversity and Inclusion in Conservation: Indigenous Ecological Philosophies, Food Sovereignty and Justice


March 29: LUNAFEST

Collaborative Conversations logo

March 20: Collaborative Conversation I: Practices of Faith and Belief for Gender Equity at CSU

Antonette Aragon

March 27: Practicing Racial Justice Research: “Caminos A Pathway Program to Latinx Academic Success and Higher Education”

Poster for the movie Hidden Figures

March 22: Women In Energy Movie Night: Hidden Figures

Dr. Janina Fariñas stands amongst three other people with awards

March 23: Dr. Janina Fariñas

March 7: An Evening With Kate Moore, Author of Radium Girls

National Organization for Women Northern Colorado Chapter

March 6 – Monthly: National Organization for Women Northern Colorado Chapter General Meetings

A statue of a horse in downtown Fort Collins, CO

March 6: Proclamation to Recognize Women’s History Month, Fort Collins City Council Meeting

A hand holding a pen

March 5: Mondays First – Women Faculty Writing Session

A group of people doing yoga

Wednesdays: The Body & The Mind, A Group for Survivors of Interpersonal Trauma

A person sitting in a group of people with their hands open

Fridays: Support Group for Survivors of Interpersonal Violence

Run as You Are Full Day Training

March 3: Run As You Are – Training for Women Candidates

A tree with yellow leaves in front of a mountain view

March 2: Women’s Leadership Series Part II: Understanding University Budgets and Funding

A person looking out onto a natural landscape

March 7: Women: Key to Sustainability

Gina McCarthy

February 28: Distinguished Speaker Series – Gina McCarthy

Women and Wellbeing

February 27: Women& Wellbeing

Logo for Women Reading at CSU

February 27: Women Reading @ CSU Book Club: The Glass Universe

The Feminist Fight Club book

February 26: Feminist Fight Club for CSU Employees Meeting

Roe Bubar J.D.

March 5: Racial Microaggressions and Indigenous Peoples: Strategies Resisting Settler Colonialism in the Academy and in Our Classrooms

Nothern Colorados First Annual Human Trafficking Symposium

February 22: Northern Colorado’s First Annual Human Trafficking Symposium

Holocaust Awareness Week

February 21: Evening with a Holocaust Survivor: Mrs. Marthe Cohn

National Organization for Women Northern Colorado Chapter

February 13 – Monthly: National Organization for Women Northern Colorado Chapter General Meetings

An open book on a table

January 25: Radical Feminist Book Group – National Organization for Women Northern Colorado Chapter

Colorado State University LGBT+ Safe Zone

Multiple Dates: Safe Zone Training

Lecia Brooks from Southern Poverty Law Center

February 8: Rising Hate in America

Hands typing on a laptop on a table with office supplies

February 6: Emerging Women Webinar Series – Leading Boldly

Angela Davis

February 6: Angela Davis – A Rose That Grew From Concrete

A hand holding a pen

February 5: Mondays First – Women Faculty Writing Session

NOCO Safespace Transgender Inclusivity for Businesses

February 5: Transgender Inclusivity for Business Owners & Managers

AAUW Empowering Women Since 1881

February 3: Human Trafficking – It’s Closer Then You Think (Register by 1/15)

A tree with yellow leaves in front of a mountain view

February 2: Women’s Leadership Series Part I: Sharing Leadership Insights from HERS Institutes

An old tv surronded by cassettes, speakers, and other things

February 1: Great Colorado Women Video Series Premiere on Rocky Mountain PBS

The Rocky Mountains

February 1: Spring Diversity Workshop Series – Rediscovering America: Understanding Indigenous History for our Shared Futures

Black text that reads "Black Lives Matter" on a yellow background

January 26: A Conversation for, by, and About Black Faculty, Staff & Administrators in Colorado

An image of stones on top of a body of water with a text overlay that reads "Interpersonal Violence"

January 25: The Intersection of Immigration and Interpersonal Violence

The Feminist Fight Club book

January 22: Feminist Fight Club for CSU Employees Meeting

A crowd of people, some holding signs that celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.

January 15: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration

December 19th: Unpacking Privilege/Homelessness in Larimer County

An open notebook with a drawing of a camera and text

December 1: Survivor Photovoice Project

Three people sitting down and talking to each other

November 30: ‘Here I Am’ Women Fostering Community at CSU

November 28th: Developing an Attitude of Gratitude

The Blank Monologues

Nov 28: Auditions for The (Blank) Monologues

Karla Gonzales

November 17: Free Reproductive Justice Training

A candlelight vigil

November 16: Transgender Day of Remembrance

November 16: WFCO’s 30th Anniversary and Social

Carmen Bernedo Sanchez

November 15: Gender Equity in STEM Panel

Four people sitting on a stage speaking to an audience

November 15: Winning with Women

Grains in a field behind a blue sky

November 14: Harvest Dinner, Community Event

November 14th: But I’m Just Honoring Their Culture!

Awake: A Dream From Standing Rock

November 13: AWAKE: A Dream from Standing Rock Documentary

Lt. Governor Donna Lynne

November 13: Women in Public Service Leadership

Tamika D. Mallory

November 11: TEDxMileHigh: Wonder

Rocky Mountain Womens Film Institute

November 10 -12: 30th Annual Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival

Martha Nussbaum

November 10: Martha Nussbaum

Illustration of The Statue of Liberty and Lady Justice

November 9: Voices From The Front Lines of Global Reproductive Health Care

Linda Aguilar

November 8: Linda Aguilar

Crystal Worl

November 7: Duhesa Art Gallery Reception Aasgutú ádi (Forest Creatures)

Nov. 6th: Mondays First – Women Faculty Writing Sessions

Yellow background with white font reads: Kendra Gives Back

November 2: Kendra Gives Back to WFCO

October 27: Lunch Workshop with Kay Ulanday Barrett

Dr. Cori Wong

October 26th: Postive Philosophy and Politics with Dr. Cori Wong – Boyer Lecture and Reception

November 15th: Interrogating Legality and Campus Climate: How Undocumented and DACAmented College Students Experience Institutional Legal Violence in Colorado

October 26: Keynote Address – Kay Ulanday Barrett

October 25th: Healthy Relationships

Colorado State University LGBT+ Safe Zone

October 25: Safe Zone Training

October 24th: Let’s Talk About Sex(ual and Reproductive Health): Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 22nd: Lights, Camera, DRAG!

Fort Collins 2017 Book Fest Writings and Riffs

October 21: 2017 Fort Collins Book Fest

Rise: A Womens Singer Songwriter Celebration

October 20: Rise: A Women’s Singer/Songwriter Celebration

October 19th: LGBTQ+ Workplace Panel

October 12th: “Why Didn’t You?”

October 18th: They Don’t Hit You But…

October 17th: Faces of Relationship Violence

October 10th: Collaborative Conversations

the term "out and proud" in colorful text against a white background

October 16th: Queer Conversations- Being Queer at CSU

rainbow fist

October 12th: LGBTQ Folks Through History

October 12th: Secondary Survivor Workshop

rainbow flag

October 11th: Coming Out Day

October 11th: Red Flags in Relationships

October 10th: Why Doesn’t She Just Leave? A Crash Course on Interpersonal Violence

October 3rd: 20th Anniversary Celebration for the Commission on Women and Gender Equity

Oct. 2nd-6th: COLORS QT-POC Week

October 9th: Sex Work or Sex Trafficking?: Perspectives from Research and Real Life

October 5th: Latinx Heritage Month – Jennicet Gutierrez

book cover images of Americanah, This Bridge Called My Back, and Rising Strong

Sept 27th: Women Reading @ CSU

purple ribbon

Month of October: Relationship Violence Awareness Month

September 28th: Diversity Symposium- Towards a Black Feminist Manifesto for CSU

September 28th: Diversity Symposium Keynote – Dr. Christine Sleeter

September 27th: Diversity Symposium- So What If You Can’t Get Into the Bar for Free? Male Privilege Still Exists

Diversity Symposium logo

September 27th: Diversity Symposium- On Becoming Chingona

September 20th: Latinx Heritage Month – Kat Lazo

September 27th: Symbols and History of Lynching in America

September 26th: Diversity Symposium- Engaging Women in Philanthrophy

transgender flag. Stripe colors include pink, three shades of purple, and cobalt blue.

September 26th: Diversity Symposium- Supporting Transgender Students at CSU

September 26th-28th: Diversity Symposium

September 26th: Intersectionality 101- What It Is and Why It Matters

Sept. 25: Feminist Fight Club at CSU with Jessica Bennett

September 23rd: Robert’s Rules for Running a Meeting

September 22nd – 24th: PRIDE Leadership Retreat

September 21st: The Transgressive Poetry of Elena Garro and Nahui Olin

Sept. 14th: Collaborative Conversations – Coming to Consciousness Around the Politics of Gender

September 20th: Where Shall We Start? Race, Racism and Gray Matters

September 18th: Salary Negotiation for Women

Sept. 11th: Dialogues Around Difference

September 17th: Mbira Drumming with Patience Munjeri

Tuesdays: Finding Balance Yoga

September 7th: Queer-B-Q

Ongoing in Fall Semester: The ‘Blank’ Monologues Preparation and Auditions

norhtern colorado pride weekend calender

July 15th-16th: Northern Colorado Pride Weekend

storytelling night details, which can be found in the site details. There is also an image of an open book lying on a table next to a coffee cup. The book has a dog, lamppost, and a road being walked by a child carrying a red umbrella. It appears that the book is taking th reader to a different place.

July 11th: Storytelling Night

SPARK logo, a red, orange and yellow flame atop the word spark in blue. Under spark are the words women burning walls.

July 9th: Women’s Community Gathering

person riding cruiser bike with a basket on it. The person has shoulder length blonde hair and is wearinga black coat and grey woven hat. The person is riding on a street next to a sidewalk with blurry background images.

Second Wednesdays: Summer Community Rides

women of color summit poster

June 9th: 2017 Women of Color Summit

rainbow heart

June 6th: LGBTQ Proclamation by the City of Fort Collins

green sign with white text stating "Change", against a backdrop of a blue sky with white clouds

June 4th: Deepening Our Capacity as White Change Agents: Exploring Internalized Dominance

person at podium

May 6th: Winning with Women

April 28th: Collaborative Conversations

CSU Safe Zone logo

April 26th: Safe Zone Training

2015 march and rally

April 26th: Take Back the Night

temple grandin

April 25th: An Evening with Dr. Temple Grandin

red whistles in hands

April 24th: R.E.D. Open House

got consent?

April 24th: Consent Turns Me On Carnival

group of people in jackets outside of building

Every 1st and 3rd Friday: Feminist Fridays

rainbow flag

Every Thursday: Questioning/Coming Out/Being Out Group

US Mexico border

April 20th: Borders and Borderlands

colonization map

April 19th: Colonization and Sexual Violence Against Native Women

if you want peace work for justice

Weekly: Social Justice Conversations

let's talk in talking bubbles

Every Other Wednesday: Queer Conversations

April 18th: Know Your Rights: LGBTQ Rights in Healthcare

Laura Vanderkam and her book

April 18th: Women Writers in Academe Workshop

sandra kim

April 17th: SAAM Keynote – Sandra Kim

ACT Film Festival logo

April 14th – 21st: ACT Film Festival

get yourself tested poster

March 20th – April 14th: Discounted STD Testing

moon in night sky

April 13th: A Night for Women

April 13th: Healing and Self-Care After Trauma

six people in lab coats

April 13th: Women in Science Workshop

group of hands touching

April 12th: Inclusive Conversations

hand putting sprinkles on cookies

Various Dates: BPPQ (Bi-, Pan-, Poly-, Queerness)

Ashley Perez

April 11th: Ashly Perez

April 10th: Asma Khalid

person sitting at computer with head in hands

April 10th: Let’s Talk About Porn!

cadeaux ad

April 6th: Rape Supportive Culture in the Media

April 6th: CSUWA Healthy Aging Presentation

person with tape over mouth reading "I said no"

April 6th: Supporting Survivors: Guide for Faculty

April 4th: Keynote Speaker: Hina Wong-Kalu

interlocking male/female symbols

Tuesdays: Gender Identity Group

andromeda galaxy

April 2nd: Galaxy Queers Drag Show

teal ribbon

Month Of April: Get Sexual Assault Awareness Month Ribbons

sexual assault awareness month calendar of events

Month of April: Sexual Assault Awareness Month Programs

Blank Monologues logo

March 31st and April 1st: “The __(Blank)__ Monologues”

franchesca ramsey

March 30th: Franchesca Ramsey

March 30th: Kumu Hina Showing

aapi heritage month image

March and April: Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

advocacy in print

March 29th: LGBT Advocate Marsha Aizumi

symposium schedule

March 27th: Women in Sports Industry Symposium

red whistles in hands

March 27th Deadline: R.E.D. Zine Submissions

silhouette of people

March 25th: Queer Prom

women's conference poster

March 25th: Annual Women’s Conference

fight sexism graffiti

March 24th: (Not) All in Your Head: How Women Internalize Sexism

pink and black feminism fist

March 22nd: Feminism in Action

jenni sorkin and her book

March 22nd: Jenni Sorkin: Visiting Artist Lecture

Nate Phelps

February 26th: Not My Father’s Son

rainbow flag

March 7th: The History and Future of LGBTQ Activism/Advocacy

leymah gbowee

March 6th: Leymah Gbowee Lecture

Black/African American Cultural Center logo

March 4th: 2017 Black Student Empowerment Conference

person with bowl and fork

March 3rd: Not All Black Girls Know How To Eat

credit card fraud being highlighted in green

March 2nd: CSUWA Identity Theft Presentation

Dr. Karina Cespedes

February 23rd: Being Black and Feminist

pray the devil back to hell graphic

February 23rd: “Pray the Devil Back to Hell” Screening

couple smiling into camera

February 22nd: Sex for Chocolate

jewish star from WWII

February 22nd: Fanny Starr Talk

February 16th: Everyday Ethical Ambiguity and Freedom to Do the Right Thing

rainbow fist

February 16th: Being Black and LGBT

person facing camera with hands in pockets

February 13th: In Pursuit of Freedom

February 13th: Application Deadline for CSU’s Women’s Conference

"I am dripping melanin and honey. I am black without apology."

February 12th: Hair Show: Dripping Melanin

February 12th: Women for Wild Lands

A person doing yoga on the beach in front of a sunset

Every Tuesday: Finding Balance Yoga Spring Semester 2018

Dr. Ibram Kendi and his book, Stamped From the Beginning

February 7th and 8th: Dr. Ibram Kendi Talk

February 6th: Dialogues Around Difference

Black/African American Cultural Center logo

Thursdays: Being Black and… Series

MOVES poster

February 2nd: MOVES – Strategies for fighting sexism in the workplace

person with short hair speaking in front of chalkboard

February 2nd: CSUWA Osher Presentation

Black History Month

February 1st: Black History Month Kickoff

Black/African American Cultural Center logo

Tuesdays: B/AACC Real Talk

drawing of three people formin a tree weith the word empowerment

January 23rd: Empowering a Billion Women by 2020

Eating for a Healthy Pregnancy details

January 12th: Eating for a Healthy Pregnancy

PDI Jan. 9th: How to Challenge Subtle Sexism in the Workplace – Feminist Fight Club Moves for Everyone!

person with long hair standing in front of a group of people

January 4th DEADLINE: HERS at CSU Application

DU women's conference logo

December 11th: Call for Workshop Proposals for Annual Women’s Conference at DU

Jo Miller

December 6th: Emerging Women Leaders Webinar Series

help yourself with supporting text

December 2nd: Free HIV/Hep-C Testing

mug with steam billowing off of it

December 1st: CSUWA Winter Tea

Dallas Buyers Club underlined

December 1st: Pride Resource Center Movie Screening

Blank Monologues logo

November 30th: “The ____ Monologues” Open Auditions

woman with long curly hair looking directly into camera

November 17th: Annual Slam Poetry Series

discrimination forum with supporting text

November 15th: Discrimination Forum

Q&A Network poster

Every Monday: Queer & Allies Student Network

group of people sitting cross-legged in meditation poses

November 12th: Mindfulness Retreat

magazines on tree branch

November 12th: Coin-Op Launch Party

Black Lives Matter

November 7th: Why Black Lives Matter

Dr. Cori Wong smiling into camera

November 11th: What is Feminist Friendship? – Feminist Forum

two lit candles next to a book and metal goblet

November 11th: Shabbat 200 Dinner

Adrienne Keene smiling into camera

November 10th: Dr. Adrienne Keene – Native American Heritage Month Keynote

rainbow flag

November 9th: Bi, Pan, Poly, Queer Social Gathering

collection of words related to feminism

November 7th: Toward A Gender Conscious Institution Presentation

frida khalo painting

October 7 – January 8: Frida Kahlo Exhibit

person with curly hair holding bra out to camera

Bring Your Extra Bras and Period Products: Support the Girls Donation Drive

Colorado Small Business Development Center Network

November 3rd: Women’s Small Business Conference

man with arms raised to sky

November 3rd: Two Spirits Movie Screening

two hands holding

November 3rd: Beyond Thoughts and Prayers: Alternative Ways to Stand in Solidarity

silhouette of kneeling person on beach during sunset

Wednesdays in November: Mindfully Managing Stress 2.0

group of smiling people

November 3rd: CSUWA Scholarship Recognition Reception

six people smiling into camera with fists clenched

November 1st: Emerging Women Leaders Webinar Series

noco eclectic with supporting text

November 1st: Eclectic Trans+ Support Group

silhouette of kneeling person on beach during sunset

Multiple Dates: Mindfully Managing Stress Workshops 1.0

TED ideas worth spreading

October 30th Deadline: TEDxCSU Call for Speakers

jar stating please give

October 27th: Scholarship Benefit Dinner for WGAC at Fort Collins Brewery

Malala Yousafzai wearing red scarf looking into camera

October 25th: He Named Me Malala Film Screening

college of liberal arts with Colorado State University ram emblem

October 24-25: Campus Equity Week

Queerly Ever After drag show schedule

October 22nd: Queerly Ever After Drag Show

seated pregnant woman holding hands with another person

October 21st: Accommodations for Pregnancy and Employees with Disabilities

the mask you live in image

October 20th: Film Screening, “The Mask You Live In”

drawn silhouettes of four people

October 19th: Diverse Reverse Career Fair

Monica Rivera in Times Square

October 18th: Monica Rivera – “Body Sovereignty and Consent”

family picnic with logos

October 15th: Family Picnic with NoCo Pride

Month of October: LGBT History Month

interior shot of a church

October 14th: Secrecy in the Church – Feminist Forum

Smiling businesswoman sitting at desk typing on computer.

Month of October: CSU Writes Events

racism word crossed out

October 13th and 25th: Fort Collins Anti-Racism Network Gathering

October 13th: Aspire 2 Grow Networking Reception

October 13th: Robyn Ochs – Beyond the Binary

northern Colorado pride

October 12th: Join the NoCo Pride 2017 Planning Team

three people seated at table with books

October 11th: International and Domestic Female PhD Scholars Series

drawing of group of people dancing in front of stars and confetti

October 11th: National Coming Out Day FLASHMOB!

smiling Mia McKenzie holding headphones to her ears

October 11th: Mia McKenzie-LGBT History Month Keynote Speaker

ribbon stating love shouldn't hurt

Thursdays in October: Red Whistle Brigade Interactive Facilitation Series

bolts of cloth

October 6th: Doreen M. Beard, CSUWA Presentation

person with short hair in front of chalkboard looking at a book

Wednesdays in October: TILT Short Course for Graduate Students

October 3rd: An Evening with Author Paula McLain

person in protective eyewear and gloves pouring liquid into a beaker

September 29th: Patricia Valoy – Gender Bias, Sexism, and Stereotypes in STEM

abstract art

September 20th-22nd: CSU Diversity Symposium

factory pillars blowing smoke into air

September 19th: Racial Justice and Climate Change

two people talking

September 14th: Men in the Movement Informational Session

person with glasses smiling into camera

September 13th: Emerging Women Leaders Webinar Series

GLBTQQA Leadership Retreat poster

September 9th-11th: GLBTQQA Leadership Retreat

mug with steam billowing off of it

September 8th: CSUWA Membership Tea

map of Native American tribes

September 8th: “Roots of Injustice: Toward Right Relationship” Workshop

mindfulness spelled with Scrabble cubes

Every Wednesday: Mindful Drop-In Group

Queer-B-Q poster

September 7th: Queer-B-Q

food insecurity description

September 16th: Food Insecurity – Feminist Forum

Blank Monologues logo

August 31st & September 7th: “The _____ Monologues” Casting Call!

Tony Frank smiling into camera

August 31: President’s Fall Address

drawing of two hands with words domestic violence free zone

August 17th: Trans-Specific Knowledge about Intimate Partner Violence